upholstery cleaning massachusetts

We at The Steam Master are certified and are properly trained to remove stains, spills, and dirt without damaging the fabric of the upholstery. We use special upholstery tools to get a deep down cleaning to restore your upholstery to its original luster.

Did you know that you track all that dirt and grime from the outdoors and onto your upholstery? What about the dust mites and organisms that are on your furniture feasting on your dead skin cells? Can we say nasty! We are here to help. Our deep cleaning will remove those little critters from your furniture as well as oils, dust and other debris. This will this help bring your upholstery back to health and help them to look like new again.

We know that all fabrics weren’t created equal and some fabrics may be delicate thats where our 30 years experience in cleaning furniture and upholstery comes into play. Did you know that some of your furniture has certain cleaning codes? Some of you probably had no idea. You can’t just buy and use any upholstery cleaning machine from your local department store and expect not to void the furnitures warranty or cause the upholstery to shrink.

Thats why you need a real professional who knows how to properly clean your upholstery! Here is my promise to you. Though we cant guarantee stains or spots. I promise to make your furniture look better than they did before we cleaned them. We offer prices you can afford. The price you get is the price, unless you add additions such as protectant and deodorizer!

Our Upholstery,Drapery & Furniture Cleaning Process :

1. Pre-vacuum upholstery or furniture to remove debris and loose soils
2. Pre-spray upholstery or furniture to help break down stains and soils
3. Pre-treat and spot stubborn stains using a safe mild detergent
4. Clean upholstery or drapes using our special upholstery tools

Additional charges if you so choose to add them:
5. Apply protective coating to help protect the fabric ( Extra Charge)
6. Application of deodorizer ( Extra Charge)

Dries in just 2-4 hours or longer depending on humidity!

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