A healthy home starts with clean rugs. Our professional carpet cleaners use a hot water extraction cleaning system to help remove stains, dirt, and bacteria:

Reappearing spots and traffic areas after cleaning; the system we use does not use abrasive detergents, or harsh chemicals to clean your rugs, we use non-toxic water based cleaning solutions that does not leave any residue – which helps your carpet stay cleaner longer!

We do not over saturate your carpets; our truck mounted cleaning system cleans without over saturating your rugs with cleaners and water, which helps your carpet dry faster.

Trained Carpet Cleaners who have been trained and certified to provide you with a great professional service.

No Residue Carpet Cleaning Somerset, MA

The Steam Master uses state-of-the-art hot water extraction systems, which is the preferred method of cleaning. Our unique cleaning system helps produce great results, making it an best choice for dirty carpets.

Our system uses heated water (steam cleaning) mixed with safe detergents that are sprayed into the carpet under pressure and vacuumed, which helps get deep into your carpets to remove stains and soil. Soap, dirt and stains are vacuumed to insure no residue stays behind.

Our cleaning system is truck mounted and can go portable if needed. We only use safe detergents to clean your carpets and area rugs. Our carpet cleaning method is preferred by the top carpet manufacturers which cleans better without leaving soap or residues behind.

Water and solution is applied to your carpet fibers by our high-pressure, controlled spray system that helps to loosen dirt and grime and removes it with our powerful and patented vacuum extraction wand. The carpet is clean and left without any residue helping to reduce drying time. We don’t flood your carpets with water, like all other carpet cleaners.

Somerset, Ma Preferred Carpet Cleaning Service

A great benefit of our cleaning system is that spots are less likely to return. Spots which return are the result of wicking from the back of the carpet to the top of the carpet as the carpet dries. We help to prevent this and because we do not penetrate primary backing of your rugs.

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