Our method is the only method classified as “steam cleaning”. All the other method’s are considered (brush off light surface cleaning) because they are incapable of penetrating deep inside your carpet to remove dirt and bacteria. All other methods dump large amounts of cleaning solutions into your carpets.

Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction as the best carpet cleaning method because its own research indicates that it provides the best result’s.

Our method is called (steam cleaning) because of the spray of water used to force grime out which is extracted by a powerful vacuum immediately in-front of the spray. Our process consists of spraying a cleaning solution of water and cleaner into the carpet and removing the water and soil with a vacuum into a tank. Our carpet cleaning process can be done by a truck-mounted unit outside your home with only the hose and carpet cleaning wand brought inside, or by using a portable system brought into your office or home.

The truck-mounted cleaning system is our preferred method because are more powerful than portable units and do a much better carpet cleaning job and helps the carpets dry quickly. We can go portable if needed to reach the toughest area’s no job to big or small!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-spray the area with cleaning solutions which helps to break down dirt and stains.

2. Carpet Cleaning: The hot water extraction method helps to penetrate deep down to remove stains and debris. We then vacuum all the cleaning solution to make sure your carpets dry within a few hours and prevent’s your carpet from browning from excessive carpet solution.

3. Grooming: We groom the carpet fibers with a professional carpet rake, which helps in raising the carpet pile, to bring your carpet to back that fresh new look.

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